7 Embarrassing Health Problems in Men

embarrasing health problems in men

Embarrassing medical conditions in men can be really discouraging when it comes to socializing with other people, especially women, or visiting a doctor to fix the problem. In fact, being a male can be tough, as men tend to face lots of health troubles that sometimes prove to be devastating and highly confusing. Here are a few of such health conditions that give a hard time to most males:

  1. Going bald. Male baldness affects around 25% of men by the time they reach their thirties. Things might get quite disastrous, and you may end up being absolutely bald or losing a decent portion of your hair all along. Hair loss might give you a tough time, and it is generally caused by a whole range of factors, such as genetics (when you gradually lose small patches of hair) or pattern baldness (when you end up having a bald spot over your head). Be that as it may, there is no reason to get embarrassed, because a great number of males suffer from the same problem and might even have worse troubles than that.
  2. Failure to get an erection. Such problem as erectile dysfunction happens to most men at some moment in their lives. This could be the result of poor dieting habits, high levels of cholesterol, drinking alcohol or smoking, low testosterone levels or other factors. Besides, it may say that you have the first signs of heart disease, but instead of getting embarrassed, pay due attention to your way of life and be more conscious of your health.
  3. Extra weight. In fact, it is not only women who get embarrassed due to their weight problems, because men may also suffer from such problems as a beer belly, where fat is concentrated around the stomach. This is yet another cause of confusion for most men because they end up being not as attractive and good-looking as they expect. Moreover, men who suffer from extra weight are often at a much higher risk of developing heart diseases.
  4. Constipation. This is quite a common problem for men. Constipation is a symptom of multiple sclerosis that might cause much trouble to men being an uncomfortable issue to discuss with anyone, let alone a doctor. However, it is always better to share the truth with a medical practitioner and overcome your embarrassment about this health issue, because anyone can get it at one time or another.
  5. Addictive behavior. Addictions are another source of confusion for men, who often try to conceal their bad habits, such as alcoholism, drug abuse or smoking. Be that as it may, without getting a medical consultation it will be hard to overcome this trouble due to severe withdrawal symptoms that are always possible in this case. Detoxification might also be necessary coupled with intense medical supervision to avoid getting round to addiction.
  6. Hemorrhoids. This health condition is commonly referred to as swollen veins that may be developed in men with age. This may be caused by their lifestyle or job peculiarities but in any case, it is quite embarrassing to have such a problem, because anal inflammation can bring much discomfort. Nevertheless, hemorrhoids can be avoided if men start leading an active lifestyle and follow a proper diet.
  7. Acne. If you think that this problem is exclusively female, you are quite wrong. This is because not all males escape this problem, and the average age of an acne patient among males is up to 40 years old so that every man is susceptible to the development of this disease. It is advisable to limit the intake of carbohydrates and avoid harmful foods in order to prevent this problem and minimize the risks.

As such, a major part of males is not lucky enough to avoid having at least one embarrassing health condition throughout their life, but it is always better to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your chances of acquiring any of these conditions to the minimum.