Acne and Sugar: How They Are Related.

Cindy:  Someone that’s been on raw foods for quite a while says they’re still having trouble with acne and psoriasis and was wondering if there’s something else that – if there’s something specific that they could be doing.

Dr. Clement:  Well, although these are all membrane or skin disorders, let’s address each of them and then keep me on track here.  Let’s start with acne.  Everyone seemingly experiences that in our youth, and sadly many people maintain it as they mature.

Now, I’ve learned something about that.  It’s almost all gastrointestinal.  But I know a lot of people who didn’t eat bad raw food diets with a lot of coconut oil and a lot of avocados and a lot of fat and a lot of sugar, and they still have the acne.

So the second thing I learned is that you have to go to a very patient aesthetician, cosmetologist, somebody who works with the skin.  And why they require patience is they get something that literally picks the blackheads out of the skin and I’ve seen case after case where that was the ultimate remedy for people.

So you’re probably not supplying new acne to the skin unless you’re doing one of the above-mentioned bad things.  But what you’re doing is still having the inflammation, the infection in the pores of the skin.

So you have to go there, and it takes a long time.  I mean people with a lot of acne, I’ve seen them take several sessions for several hours where they pick it out, they look at you with a little – almost microscopically, they look at you through one of these devices that the aestheticians use.  And that remedy is there.  It’s a great thing.

Rosacea on the other hand, there are many herbal medicines if you look them up online and try a variety.  I haven’t found one that works universally for everyone but there are some out there that are universal depending upon where you’re listening to me in the world.  And try them because in combination with a good raw food diet, and if you have available or can find somebody that does soft or cold laser, like we do here at Hippocrates, that is a real expediter.  That speeds that process of reversing rosacea that I’ve never seen before we used the soft lasers, the cold lasers.

Then we get to psoriasis which is getting to be a bigger problem with people.  If you look at our magazine,  issue 31 level 2, we have an enormously interesting story about a woman who came here with as bad of case as I’ve ever seen.  She was perforating her skin, I mean holes were in her, she was bleeding constantly.  In the middle of the night, without her even being aware of it, she was scratching herself and profuse bleeding was happening.

This woman went on the Hippocrates diet and all the other things we did, electromagnetic therapy, salt bath.  We don’t need a pool like we have here.  You can literally have salt baths in your bathtub at your home.  Saunas, infrared saunas, there’s variation of things.  She completely absolutely reversed it in the several weeks she was here.  And you can read about that online on the Hippocrates website on our magazine archive.  And also, this is what we have seen case after case.

We estimate depending upon what western country you live in.  It’s between 2% and 6% of the population that has psoriasis.  Now, that’s averages.  Countries like Germany, Ireland and England have even a higher amount in certain communities there.  And so this is an ever growing problem.  And eczema we should throw in there, too, which I endured and suffered through my youth.  And eczema is always 100% of the time a sign that you have a respiratory problem, a lung problem, and mine was because I had asthma.  And so I from asthma developed eczema, and where the largest organ of the body, the skin, attempts to breathe, you get that drying or those patches.

And of course, after I became a raw food vegan and began drinking juices and getting rid of all the sugars, within two-three months, that was it, and my lungs today are better than they’ve ever been.  They seem to get better all the time.  Yesterday, I was out scuba diving for four hours.

Cindy:  I guess as part of that even though it’s not really related to acne, that person went on to say, there’s been research in connection of blood sugar and acne, especially adult acne, can a raw food diet that is high in fruit help fight insulin resistance?

Dr. Clement:  Let me tell you, a raw diet high in fruit is probably the cause of the acne.  And so what you have to know is that anyone that talks about high and low glycemic isn’t a real practitioner.  They don’t know what they’re talking about.

Our remedy for sugar in the blood is to eliminate fruits, eliminate anything that vaguely looks like sugar because what we’ve seen here over the decades is that’s what turn these  things around, not moderating or taking something with a label stuck on the side of that –  elimination.

Now, that doesn’t mean permanent.  Once you’ve remedied your problem, then you can go back to a little bit of ripe and organic fruit.

By far, the most you could ever have is 15% by weight of your diet, versus when I began a raw food diet, I was all excited because probably 50%-60% of my diet was fruit.  That was a hard thing to do.  I abandoned one sugar and ran right into the arms of another one.