Can Alkalized Water Be Harmful?

Cindy:  Obviously, we need to drink plenty of water every day and people wanted to know what kind.  How important is the pH of drinking water and what’s the ideal pH range for drinking water?

Dr. Clement:  Well, #1, let’s start by telling you that alkalizing units are not filters.  So some of you have been out there and being fools and being told by alkalizing companies that “We have a wonderful filter in these alkalizers.”

I have not seen an alkalizer, even the shockingly expensive ones, the $4,000 and $5,000, that have an adequate filter in it because today, you basically have to know you’re up against pharmaceutical drugs and other deadly chemicals that are so small, so minute, so microscopic that none of the major filters take it out.

I know people who’ve installed a $10,000 filter in their home that does not take out these microscopic pharmaceutical drugs and other things.  So that’s #1.

If you have an alkalizer, my thought on it, when a person is battling a disease, to have something at around a 9 is really good temporarily.

Now, I don’t think that a healthy person should take something with such a high pH on it throughout their life because what you’re going to do is stimulate the cells in the body making them have a biologically unnatural rhythm.

What I tend to do myself is here at Hippocrates, we have the most sophisticated filter systems now that remove the water from the air, from the atmosphere, why, because all of the ground waters of the entire planet, including the north and the south pole, are contaminated with unbelievable vile chemistry.

So now, we’ve moved over slowly but surely to air extraction units.

#2, they have alkalizers available on them.  We have one here that has a high pH, why, because often, not always, half the people that come here are healthy sensible people but the other half are battling big disease.

So in their cases, we want to have a high pH.  About a 7 is good for the average person, and these types of systems you can get them adjusted down from a 10 to a 7.

Again, what I do is I drink some of that water here.  And when I’m home, I drink water that’s not alkalized.  I think for healthy people, that’s a pretty sensible thing.

Occasional use isn’t going to hurt you but continual stimulating use of alkalizing waters I’m not a major fan of.