Digestive Enzymes & Systemic Enzymes – Important?

Digestive enzymes or systemic enzymes: when they’re animal based or even synthetic nutritional supplements, what are the dangers of those kinds of synthetic nutritional supplements?

Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute: It’s hard to put the word enzymes and synthetic together.

Enzymes in its neutered scientifically described form is not really what they are. If you get an education, they’re going to tell you they’re proteins, and that is only part of the story…

The way I like to describe it so the listeners may understand it: if I walked into the room and you were standing there and I said all you are is the skin on your body. A thinking person would be offended and say wait a minute.

I have bones, I have organs, I have circulatory, my blood, bla bla bla bla …Even a greater thought: I have an emotional state, a spiritual state and all of that is absolutely authentically true.

You are not the outer skin on your body alone. But the outer skin is obviously a very important factor or you wouldn’t be there. When we call in science a digestive enzyme or a systemic enzyme a protein, it is true that it’s the skin.

But what is the rule and what is the function of an enzyme? It is the way that your bio-electric body, your electrical body receives bioelectricity and it comes in enzymes. The vehicle is the protein but the purpose and objective of the enzyme is to increase bio-frequency in the body.

It is literally an egg and sperm birthing a human body – an enzyme. So it’s an enzyme activity that bring a sperm and an egg together and create a human being. Ironically, it’s an enzyme that decomposes the human body after we take our last breath back to the earth again.

Enzymes (digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes) are very powerful catalysts and that we know in science is a catalyst but somehow we didn’t put 2 and 2 together because all of modern “science” is based upon matter based thinking – that everything is elemental and it’s like bean counting, one bean, two bean, three beans, rather than biofrequent or active. The difference is looking at things in a surface way as we just described the human cell rather than a deeper way we may want to call a quantum way.

So quantum biology sees the body as active little pieces of electric flowing around in circles that manifest matter, not that matter is all the story.

With that said, now we come back to an enzyme. If you take from an animal tissue, and extract enzymes from it, that takes a process of heating an enzyme to several hundred degrees. You kill an enzyme when you do that.

So anyone who is taking an enzyme – this is commonly used in Germany for instance – and saying I’m getting tremendous benefit from a cooked glandular enzyme from an animal, well you’re in fantasyland, because the truth of the matter is if I put your body in the oven you wouldn’t be very active either. An enzyme is just like you, just like you. Bottom line is you’re going to be dead as a door knob and that enzyme is going to be dead as a door knob.

There are active enzymes and this is the brilliant work of Dr. Howell. And Dr. Howell knew enzymes were more than protein, knew they were the catalyst of life, and knew they basically could revolutionize our understanding of health and how to improve health and how to prevent premature aging, etc and way back in the 20s and 30s, Dr. Howell was doing this magnificent work.

What you have to know about him was that he was the first guy who was able to stabilize a culture to grow enzymes on a vegetable base matter, and he did it successfully, formulated that.

I was a very fortunate guy because 40 years ago we were able to buy pounds of this for pennies because nobody knew what Dr. Howell was doing. I remember taking handfuls of enzymes and putting them in my mouth – $5 a pound or something. Finally, some legitimate science caught up to the importance of enzymes and even in mainstream medicine in countries they used these enzymes and realized that these were very powerful agents on reversing disease, preventing disease and preventing premature aging.

I as an example take 20 digestive enzymes a day for anti-aging purposes. As I increase the bio electric frequency in and around my cells, it places a shield around them so that when a free radical comes to kill my healthy cells and age me prematurely, the shield prevents that from happening.

We use systemic enzymes here on a number of disorders and if you went to a country like Germany or Sweden, my wife’s country, you would see them in mainstream hospitals using high protease, protein digesting enzymes in the process of helping reverse cancer or viruses or bacteria.

With that said, we make the strongest one available in North America that you can ingest. The Lifegive Supplements. We’ve seen great results with that because all of the bad guys have protein skins too.

And so high protease protein digestive enzymes can effectively go after the bad guys very, very well. You want plant based, you want high ratios in formulation that support one another, you don’t want too much of one or too much of the other, you want a symbiotic effect.

With the systemic enzymes, it’s a symbiotic effect between different protein digesting enzymes. In the digestive enzymes, you have enzymes that digest fats, and carbohydrates and proteins. That’s a combination enzyme in that one. We produce very strong, the strongest available in North America, the LifeGive products.

In all candor there are only 2 major Companies in the world that produce digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes. Those of us who do this work, we formulate them and tell the Companies to make them, so I don’t know of a bad digestive enzyme or systemic enzyme that’s made of a plant based methodology, whereas I don’t know of a good one that’s animal based.