How to Strengthen Men’s Health

Men are sick more often than women being affected by the physical strain, the tendency to hide their emotions and sacrifice proper nutrition due to the lack of time. A lot of diseases men suffer from are psychosomatic illnesses developing as a consequence of a nervous breakdown. Here are some tips on how to strengthen men’s health. 

General Rules 

Cardiovascular diseases are traditionally considered to be the pathology of the elderly. However, men, who are 35–40 years old, more and more often complain about an increased blood pressure. Also, men often suffer from erectile dysfunction and urinary sexual diseases such as prostatitis. A sedentary lifestyle leads to the diseases of the locomotor system and obesity. 

Therefore, doctors give five simple recommendations, the compliance of which will benefit each man: 

  • Get rid of bad habits such as smoking and alcohol 
  • Regularly exercise 
  • Have a regular sex life 
  • Eat healthy food 
  • Avoid negative emotions 

Smoking is the cause of a reduction of life in general and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases in particular. The carbon monoxide that forms during combustion so firmly connects with hemoglobin that the erythrocytes simply cease to perform their functions. This leads to anemia, which in turn causes an inadequate supply of cells with oxygen – hypoxia. 

Alcohol sticks together red blood cells and as a result, tissues experience oxygen starvation as it happens with smoking. Nerve cells are particularly affected, which provokes disturbances in the brain’s work (memory, the adequate perception of the surrounding reality, and so on). Therefore, don’t try to relax using alcoholic beverages as it will harm the body more than do good. 

Regular sex life will positively affect the condition of the urinogenital organs and mental health. Prolonged abstinence often provokes stagnation of sperm, which can lead to prostatitis and other sexual problems. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to have sex with just anybody because it will increase the risk of contracting a venereal infection. 

Importance of Testosterone for Men’s Health 

Testosterone is the hormone, which is responsible for most of the processes associated with the intimate life of a man. It is in charge of the basic indicators of male health: 

  • The normal work of the genitals 
  • Metabolic processes in the body 
  • The regulation of spermatogenesis 

Testosterone levels are responsible for the arousal and sex drive of a man. In men after 35 years old, there is a deficiency of this hormone, which entails muscle atrophy and problems with potency. 

Often, testosterone is called a hormone of happiness because it is very important for men’s health. A decrease in its level entails a worsening of the emotional state, which can develop into depression and unreasonable pessimism, as well as other violations.

Therefore, it is recommended for men aged 40– 45 years old to determine the content of testosterone in the blood once a year. When it decreases, it is necessary to make special injections. 

How to Strengthen Men’s Health 

In order to preserve men’s health, it is necessary to adhere to the advice and recommendations given by professionals. They include: 

  • You should give up smoking since nicotine adversely affects the condition of the vessels. 
  • It is necessary to fight with hypodynamia and do more exercises. This will strengthen the heart and improve the delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues.
  • Take a contrast shower, which will also have a positive effect on blood circulation. 
  • It is necessary to include many fruits and vegetables in the diet, as well as other foods that are rich in plant fiber. They have a positive effect on the work of the intestines and contribute to the excretion of waste substances from the body.
  • To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, it is necessary to use sunscreen and moisturize the skin. 
  • It is necessary to sleep at least 6 hours a day. 
  • It is important to stop using a lot of alcohol.
  • You must drink at least 2 liters of water daily. 
  • It is necessary to have an active sexual life with one partner as this contributes to the optimal production of testosterone in the body, which has a protective effect on the body. 

Following these recommendations, you will strengthen your health.