Magic Bullet or Taking Charge of Your Health?

The magic bullet of the healthcare system: it seems to still be true that people rely almost exclusively on their doctor and they’re looking to get fixed – that is except for the few who really wake up and hopefully it’s a growing number who want to take charge of their own health for themselves,

Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute: that’s what it comes down to. It comes down to being responsible for every aspect of your life, not looking outside of yourself first for help, not looking for the magic bullet, but looking inside of yourself for help.

And yes sometimes we require the healthcare system, we ned doctors and Hippocrates Health Institute and all these other things and nutritional supplements. But…

if you’re responsible, you take the time to do the most important thing you have to do and that’s nourish your mind and nourish your body, and nourish your soul. Because nourishment is how we sustain, maintain and flourish. So if you want to sustain, maintain and flourish – you must be nourished on all these levels.

The second thing that you have to know is a mantra here at Hippocrates Health Institute, our mission statement is helping people help themselves. That should be the battle cry of the modern healthcare system. It is certainly not what we see today in the broken healthcare system that has nothing to do with health. It has to do with disease management again – crisis and disease management. That system’s mantra is come to me, I heal you, pay me.

Ours at Hippocrates Institute is helping people help themselves, because nobody other than an egocentric lunatic thinks that you heal people. Now, nobody heals anyone. The best, even a very good physician or healthcare professional or nutritionist can do is guide you. And you have got to take the reins and you have got to live the lifestyle – starting with thought, food, exercise, all the things – pure water, pure air. And that’s what makes you well. Not some magic bullet, some magic pill. You can get 100% natural supplements from Hippocrates health institute Lifegive supplements.

All of these things are pieces of the puzzle. But there’s a big puzzle and you have to put every piece together or you cannot anticipate or expect to be well on any level.