Spirulina Benefits: Can You Digest?

To enjoy spirulina benefits we need to be able to digest it. Any strands that are easier?
Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Institute:  Yeah.

There is one obscure company, very small company, called Kona Coast Hawaiian Spirulina, not just Hawaiian Spirulina, it has to specify Kona Coast Spirulina.  That particular company, because it’s growing in volcanically active water from the very deep well on that volcanic mountain called the Island of Hawaii.  That’s an active volcano.  It’s the largest mountain from the floor of the sea to the top of it on the planet Earth.  Of course, it’s not the largest from land up.  It’s the largest from the base of the ocean up.

And that active volcanic mountain had so many minerals in that artesian water that they pulled from it.  It allowed these little single-cell blue-green algae life forms not to have a hard shell on it as these other varieties of Spirulina.  Again, this is why we use here the blue-green algaes, the frozen forms and the powder forms, that are grown in a lake that also has lots of minerals that’s volcanic.