Why your Libido Goes Down

Have you lost your sex drive? Do you only think of how to fall asleep faster to avoid your partner’s flirting and sex? If your answers to these questions are “yes”, perhaps your libido has gone down. Actually, loss of libido is the most frequently met female sexual dysfunction (around 30% of women of childbearing age have lost interest in intimate relations at some point in their lives). What are the reasons of sexual problems in women and is there any possibility to overcome them? Let’s find it out!

Constant fatigue

Being too tired after a hard day at work may become a real obstacle on the way to sex drive. Lack of rest may result in low mood and fatigue, which are not working well for boosting your sexual desire. Fortunately, sufficient sleep can do miracles. Enough of night rest may help you restore libido and return intimacy to your life.

Sexual health problems

There exist various intimate health issues, which may provoke lowering or absence of woman’s libido. Almost in all cases it is connected with pain felt during the intercourse. To the health conditions, which may influence your sex drive belong:

  • Dryness of the vagina. It is very common among women, who gave birth to a child and those, who entered menopausal period.
  • Pain sensations during sex. Women may feel pain or discomfort if they have endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, some types of vaginal infections or sexually transmitted illnesses and a number of other problems.
  • Absence of orgasm. In case a woman cannot reach culmination, her interest in sex gets down as she feels no satisfaction from the process.
  • Vaginismus. It’s a disease, which makes penetration painful or even impossible because of involuntary tightening of vaginal muscles.

Thyroid problems

Underactive thyroid gland or, in other words, hypothyroidism may lead to lack of sexual drive. It happens because of low levels of thyroid hormone, which in its turn slows down all the processes in the human organism including the production of sex hormones responsible for libido. Insufficient levels of thyroid hormone may even lead to female infertility.

Mental issues

Depression, anxiety or nerve tension may affect women’s health as strong as physical health issues or even more. Women experiencing depression feel indifferent to all the pleasures life can offer including sex. The same may be said about anxiety. It makes you feel unhappy and not in the mood for sex.

Those women, who feel continuous stress and nerve tension may have low libido due to high cortisol levels (the hormone of stress). It diminishes the production of testosterone thus killing your libido.

Intake of certain medications

In case you’ve noticed that your libido has gone down as you started taking certain meds, you are probably experiencing one of their side effects. The intake of antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in particular), birth control pills, β-blockers and some other medications may result in decrease of sex drive.

You should consult your healthcare provider on possible alternatives to the drugs you take to return your sexual desire back to the norm.

Low self-esteem

Many women are not satisfied with the way their naked body looks. Internal complexes and low self-esteem may destroy a romantic atmosphere and make you strained and shy. Such behavior and subconscious worries may ruin your sexual drive and deprive you of satisfaction you might have got from intimacy.

Try to love yourself and your reflection in the mirror. Find a hobby that will improve your body and help you to get rid of the complexes. For example, strip-plastic or yoga.